The Art of Doula in Istanbul: A Comprehensive Guide for English-Speaking Families

doula in istanbul

If you’re searching for a doula in Istanbul, you’re in the right place. A doula does more than just help during childbirth. They’re like a trusted friend who knows a lot about birth and stays by your side. In the past, doulas mostly helped during the actual birth. Now, they are there for you before, during, and after the baby comes.

The path to motherhood, from the joy of finding out you’re pregnant to the intense moments of labor, and then the first days and weeks with your new baby, is a big journey. And a doula can make this journey smoother and more comfortable.

What is a Doula?

A doula is a trained professional who gives personal support during pregnancy, childbirth, and even after the baby is born.

Do you know how the idea of a doula came to be? It started in a Guatemalan birthing center. Researchers named Marshall Klaus, John Kennell, Steven Robertson, and Roberto Sosa found something interesting. They saw that when a woman helper was in the birthing room, the birth went better. This discovery made them look more into how a helper, or “doula,” can make a big difference during birth.

Back in 1980, in a maternity ward in Guatemala, something caught the eye of these researchers. They saw that women who had a friend with them during birth had an easier time. One research assistant, just by being there, helped the women feel calm, and this made the births go faster. This discovery made people see how important this support role, the “doula”, can be during childbirth.

doula in istanbul

Full Spectrum Doula: Expanding Support

Besides traditional doulas who help during pregnancy and after birth, there are “full spectrum doulas.” They offer support for different experiences, like pregnancy loss, grief, or even events not directly about becoming a mother.

This approach believes that doulas can help in many areas of life. It’s about supporting in every way possible.

Doula in Istanbul: A Growing Community

Doula training started in Turkey in 2011 with Julia Steils Pacacioglu and “İçsel Doğum”. Now, there are more places like DO-UM and Istanbul Birth Academy teaching people to become doulas.

As a doula in Istanbul, I’m part of this growing family. I help families in different parts of their journey to becoming parents. My support is not limited to Istanbul; I also help in nearby cities.

How Doulas Work

Your comfort with a doula is crucial. If for any reason we don’t connect or I’m unavailable for your due date, I’ll gladly introduce you to another trusted doula in Istanbul. The ultimate goal is your support and understanding.

Doulas offer a wide range of support, from preparing for a baby, navigating IVF, handling pregnancy loss, to assisting in childbirth and beyond. This versatility underscores the doula’s role in various life stages.

The Holistic Doula Way

The Holistic Doula way believes in looking at the big picture. Every person’s story is unique, but we all share some things. As İçsel Doğum teaches, giving birth is like a hero’s big adventure.

Doulas are like the heroes’ helpers. This approach wants more people to learn about it. To do that, it uses group work, workshops, and online talks to discuss giving and getting support.

Connect with a Doula in Istanbul

Becoming a parent is a special time. Having good support can help a lot. If you’re in Istanbul or close by and want a doula’s help, I’m here. Whatever part of the journey you’re on, I can give you the care and understanding you need.

If you want to talk about how a doula can help, please get in touch. I would love to help you on this special journey. Contact me, and we can discuss how I can be there for you.


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