The Open Seas In My Dreams

Sea Dreams

Sometimes, they are terrifying; other times, they’re refreshing and hopeful. I often find myself swept away by “sea dreams,” and each time they occur, I feel a compelling urge to dive deeper into my psyche.

There are myriad interpretations of sea dreams, yet symbolically, I find myself drawn to the idea that they serve as messages from the collective unconscious. As Carl Jung explained, the collective unconscious is a reservoir of experiences, memories, and archetypes shared by all human beings. I’m a steadfast believer in this notion of shared wisdom, feeling a connection to the universal human experience. The sea, in Jung’s interpretation, represents the vast, uncharted depths of our subconscious, where unknown desires and fears lie hidden beneath the surface.

Perhaps these dreams are more than mere figments of imagination; perhaps they are a call to explore the hidden facets of ourselves and our connection to the world. Jung posited that the sea symbolizes our innermost thoughts and emotions, a reflection of our instincts and the mysterious forces that drive us.

But these dreams aren’t only personal; they resonate with shared myths and symbols that have fascinated humanity for centuries. Like Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ exploration of the wild, untamed aspects of the feminine soul, these sea dreams might be urging us to reconnect with our primal, intuitive selves.

Whether they terrify or inspire, these dreams of the open sea seem to beckon me, urging me to listen to my intuition, to recognize the common threads that bind us all, and to embark on a journey of self-discovery that transcends the ordinary, guiding me into the depths of the human soul.

If You Need to Listen, You’ll Know

I put store by my dreams; I like to keep a dream journal from time to time. Exploring the symbols that traverse my mind daily gives me a better understanding of what’s really happening there. I also find patterns between my dreams when I review them. If I am stressed or my energy is low, specific concepts emerge. Anyone who examines my dream journals could discern when in my life I feel better or worse.

The sea dreams are different. They are the ones I remember most. You know that feeling when you can’t remember what happened in your dream at all, but it still lingers in your mind all day? Those are mostly the sea dreams for me.

When they linger a lot, I notice that I need to take a closer look. I always find an important message in lingering dreams, without exception. So the sea dreams have become the ones I think about the most.

What Do Sea Dreams Tell Us?

The sea is a universal symbol for many things like emotion, intuition, the unconscious, and the passage of life and time. So it’s not easy to pinpoint what it means for everyone who has a sea dream. But, in my experience, they often carry deeper meanings that echo the profound insights of authors like Jung and Estés.

These dreams reflect our collective human longing to understand the unknown, to face our deepest fears, and to embrace the mysterious forces that guide our lives. The vastness of the sea could symbolize the boundless potential within each of us, the unexplored realms of creativity and wisdom that await those brave enough to venture forth.

For some, a sea dream might be a gentle nudge to connect with their inner selves, to seek balance and harmony, or to discover the untapped reservoirs of strength and resilience that lie within. For others, the sea may represent a more tumultuous journey, one filled with challenges and obstacles, yet also rich with opportunity and growth.

In my own life, these dreams have become guides, leading me to explore not just my own inner world but also the shared human experience that binds us all. They serve as a reminder to listen to my intuition, to trust in the wisdom of the subconscious, and to embrace the wild, untamed aspects of myself that resonate with the natural world.

As we navigate the seas of life, we may find ourselves tossed by storms or soothed by gentle waves. But the sea dreams remain, constant and wise, urging us to explore, to question, and to discover the endless possibilities that lie within.

Whether you’ve experienced sea dreams or simply felt the pull of the unknown, I encourage you to embrace the journey, to seek the wisdom hidden beneath the surface, and to find the courage to dive into the profound depths of your own soul.

The open sea has long symbolized a journey into the unknown, a path that leads to self-discovery, wisdom, and connection. Our dreams of the sea, filled with mystery and promise, are reflections of our innermost desires, fears, and hopes. They invite us to explore the depths of our psyche, to understand ourselves better, and to recognize our shared humanity.

Embracing these dreams means accepting the challenge to sail beyond our comfort zones and delve into the mysterious realms of our minds. Like an endless voyage on the open sea, the journey of self-discovery is never truly complete, yet each wave, each tide, each whisper of the ocean’s breeze is a step towards knowing ourselves better and embracing our shared human experience.

Written in response to Modern Women’s August Writing prompt which you can find below:

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